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Breeding Beautiful & Athletic
Llamas in Montana
Since 1979

One of North America’s pioneer llama breeders, Great Northern has over 50 llamas on its 500-acre ranch in northwest Montana near Glacier National Park.

Our silky and suri, classic and heavy-wooled llamas are admired for combining athletic strength and stature with great beauty. Llama eating a treeWe’re proud that our herd identifier, GNLC, is in the name and lineage of so many show winners, year after year, and that they enjoy great success in the sale ring, too.

As one of America’s first commercial llama outfitter and guide services, we’re especially fond of our hard-working packers. In the great Andean mountaineering tradition, these faithful trail companions have carried all our gear on camping, fishing and hunting trips in Montana’s spectacular backcountry since 1979 when we introduced llamas to the Northern Rockies.

Raising these wonderful animals has been our family’s full-time, hands-on business for over four decades. We’ve helped countless new breeders get started with practical, common-sense advice for enjoying a profitable and easily managed hobby or small business.

In addition to breeding and show stock, we have pet, pack and guard llamas for sale. Give us a call any time!

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